Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Merry Christmas 

Just a quick message wishing my readers all the best this holiday season.

click this

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Wrapping Duty 

Just got done wrapping the 300th gift for the little ones, I even put a piano together, which I'm sure to regret later.

Now to settle into a good book, and figure out just what kind of troubles I've made for myself.

Monday, December 22, 2003

Tree Duty 

Not much to say about our Christmas tree this year. As usual, we have no problems: zip down to the local nursery, pick out an 8 ft tree, pay the inflated price (in cash), toss it on the car and we're home in less than 30 minutes. ( All my friends go for the cut-it-yourself family excursion. If you had these two in the back seat of your car, would you volunteer for a 2 hour drive, followed by a 1 hour hike into the woods, followed by another 2 hr drive home?)

Last year, I had the unthinkable happen...it fell. Yep, the damn think toppled over not once, not twice, but three times - fully decorated!

I hated that tree, it was sneaky. It was extremely wide, almost obese, with no bald spot - fat all around! It didn't talk much, or drink a lot, in fact it really had no personality. It just stood there all fat and stupid. I guess it was narcoleptic too, because each night, right after we went to bed, it would drift off to sleep, slowly laying it branches down one by one. It was so sneaky, I couldn't even hear the ornaments break, or the garland crash to the floor, or the water spill onto the oriental rug.

This year we went back to the nice trim tree. I haven't really opened up to him a lot, so naturally we aren't close. He seems ok though. He drinks a watering can of H2O a day, and has survived each tilt-torture-test I have sprung on him. So we'll see how it works out. But if he drops so much as one Sponge Bob ornament, it's a three-way fish line tie down for his ass.

I also snapped a picture of him at night, sort of a surprise inspection - cool effects on the walls.

Christmas Duty 

Does anyone else have those neighbors that seem to get a little TOO into Christmas? Thank god, this guy isn't too close to us, but I pity his neighbors who have to endure a traffic jam on their street for the 3 weeks leading up to Christmas!!

Yep, there's a house under there....here's a better shot.

It's fun for the kids, they get to leave messages for Santa, name off each one of Santa's reindeer, and get a reminder that it's not all about the

But just when you think it's all "Norman Rockwell", up pops the devil!

Oh well, it makes for a good diversion for the kids, and it's not too far, or to close, to my neighborhood!

Friday, December 19, 2003

Guess Who? 

Who is the nicest guy you know on the internet? Is it him?

NO. Give up?? Ok, I’ll give you a few hints:

His favorite baseball player is Roger Clemons.

His favorite basketball team in located in Houston.

If you didn't get it by now, you really need help....so I'll give you a few more hints, that are dead give-aways!

This was his all-time favorite football player.

His favorite singer, Elton John, was ennobled, and sang this song.

His favorite restaurant is a dive, I don't recommend it.

His favorite hockey player was a long time Canadian, Henry Richard.

You will find him here picking up his favorite riding gear.

Of course he supports his favorite college team.

He listens to his favorite radio tunes on the net.

His favorite artist is really good (my best one!!).

This is his favorite catalogue.

This is his favorite museum.

When you say archeology, he thinks of this.

Yep, he has a favorite roller coaster.

Lastly, it is a little know fact, that this is his favorite band.

Who is this “nicest guy” on the internet?? Tomorrow, the runner up!!

(Note: I have gotten a few of these wrong and I expect he'll correct me, for future reference!)

Thursday, December 18, 2003

In the News Today 

...or yesterday.

So what if Saddam got a make over, the only picture of him I would pay for, is his head in a pillory.

Give up, Jody will never like you! This is ridiculous. Actually, it's an embarrassment to our country. How can we let a guy who tried to kill the President walk free? Thank god, someone realized having only his 80 yr old parents supervising him probably isn't too wise, so he is only allowed a few outpatient visits, but over time he may get more freedoms. I liked what Ron Reagan Jr. said " I'm glad he's gotten better, now he can go to jail and think about what he did".

And talk about hypocrisy...move over Russ Limbaugh...the new winner of the "eating your words" award is Strom Thurman. I remember reading this article and thinking that there was just too much antidotal evidence for this rumor NOT to be true. Right-O, Diane McWhorter! I like this image:

The angel greeting Ol' Strom at heaven's gate is black. And the sign reads: "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone." haha

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

What's up with Blogger? 

Everyone is down is Blogger, the hosting agent for Blog*Spot. I guess it's the "low-rider" version of blogging hosts, but what's the big deal. Certainly it's not fancy, but it's always worked for me, and truth be told, I am a bit intimidated by the more complicated hosters, I'm still mastering Lotus 1-2-3 (relax, that's a hyperbole)!

Blogger has always been there for me. When the whole "denial of service attack" knocked others out - us Bloggers just kept creeping along, smirking under our posts.

I have never had any interruption of service, and they have always quickly answered my questions quickly. Once when I wanted to upgrade the service, and they weren't offering that platform any longer, they simply gave me the particular feature I coveted - free. What a swell bunch of fellas.

That all stopped today. Spammed. Yep they hit upon certain words or phrases and have arranged, or are allowing, vendors to establish links to there services.

I'll fix them! I edited the posts by changing the offending words. Poof, the advertising disappeared, thwarted by a clever "word-around".

But to think I will have to do this again and again is a bit disappointing. Maybe there's an upgrade I can by? So, Blogger, I am watching you.

PS, if it's not your fault by the work of some devious third party spamming agent, please accept my apology, "I've always loved you."

Up, Up and Away 

They are truly an inspiration.... the Wright Brothers. A hundred years ago today their engineering curiosity became, what is now described as, the start of the aviation age.

This site has some cool footage of the historic event. Plus, this is a good source, sort of a everything-you-wanted-know-about aviation achievements. Thanks Jen.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Holiday Message 

I took time out this morning to make my way around the blogosphere and dropped off a few gifts to those who have helped me, or humored me, or have just taken the time to e-mail me. ( damn that makes me sound pretty desperate!). Anyway, I have really enjoyed participating in the whole blogging thing. It's gotta end soon, but its been fun.


P.S. If you didn't get something, tough. I got better things to do that worry about your god damn feelings!! OK, just kidding, let me know, and I'll see if Santa has something left for you.

Lead Around by the Nose 

...or the top of the head!! Sometimes I feel like this, but not as flexible (drag it around).

Monday, December 15, 2003

Day Two 

Lots of news articles on the BIG story. I am so happy and proud for our soldiers. Finally, an end to the Hussein regime.

The best part was how they captured him. Living in a hole-in-the-ground, the dimensions of which were not too dissimilar to those of his soon-to-be final resting place, in the shadow of one of his many palaces, disheveled, utterly defenseless, clutching the only thing that you can count on when times get tough - notes issues by the US Government !! I guess he planned on bribing his captors, and didn't want his diminished financial stature to be an issue in the transaction. Too bad.

Some folks are now skipping over the whole judicial process, since it's bound to be lengthy, costly, and quite frankly, boring, and moving straight to the punishment.

Lots of opinions on which method is most fitting, and due to popular demand, suitable for television viewing. The methods range from network acceptable; electrocution, hanging, or court martial, to the pay-per-view extravaganza; "anal fistulas"!

I prefer a low key, widely acceptable method, perfect for local cable, - public stoning. This way we can actually all participate, in meritorious order. Naturally, the Iraqi people suffered the most, and can go first, then the US and Brits, etc. France and Germany would be excluded, unless they pay a retaliative fee, like agreeing to participate in any future international cause we deem appropriate. Plus, they can't throw any stones, all they get to do is walk by Saddam and split on him - I hear their good at that.

Oh, the stones would be small ones, the size of pebbles, they would be more symbolic than hurtful. Everyone grabs a handful and gets a close range shot from about 10 feet. Although it's low impact, it enables everyone to heap a little misery on the evil dictator and demean his terrorist ways.

About once a week the old stones are removed, so as not to bury the deranged pig, and ensure everyone has a chance to see his ugly puss. We could probably keep this going for a few decades, after all that's how long his tortures ways lasted!

...in other news, Jim has the second symhony up, good seats still available.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

YES !! 

Bringing evil dictators to justice...lets hope it becomes a trend.

Friday, December 12, 2003

I Want to be Ennobled 

Mick did it, actually, Prince Charles did it. Not everyone is happy about it, but I'm glad for him. Now he is truly "Rock Royalty".

Thursday, December 11, 2003

You Can Sell Anything at Christmas 

Yesterday in the NYPOST I read an article (which they didn't put on the web) were a guy was selling snowballs on the street. That's right. He was grabbing a bunch of snow from Times Square, packing a few snowballs, and setting up shop in a heavy traffic zone.

He had them going for $1, although I believe he sold a small one for .50 cents. He actually made $8.50. Now selling snowballs is pretty pathetic. Sure its comical, and clever, but the jokes gotta wear off pretty quick. I guess the only thing more pathetic is the losers that bought the damn things.

In a slightly less strange, but equally clever Christmas stunt, this guy made $46 bucks selling ..well...you just have to see it to believe it. Bravo.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Wal-Mart is OK 

After I read this article I really felt like standing up and saying, "finally someone gets it." But after reading this and this, I was hesitant. I probably know less about retailing, and haven't studied the movements of Wal-Mart to the degree these guys probably have, so what do I know, right? Well, another unqualified opinion can't hurt, so I'm hitting the keyboards and pouring out my thoughts. Although I risk showing my naivete, here goes:

I just don't buy the assertion that Wal-Mart drives it's suppliers to outsource their manufacturing to China, or that it's a bad thing. "Selling to Wal-Mart is a brutal meritocracy ", the article states. This is exactly my point. The suppliers decide for themselves both IF they want to achieve Wal-Mart's targets, and HOW best to do it. They could lower their own internal profit margins, lower their executive's benefits and compensation (since perhaps it isn't so hard to sell to Wal-Mart year after year after year), they can lower their manufacturing cost by outsourcing jobs overseas, or they can do business with Wal-Mart competitors - it's their choice. Wal-Mart does not run their suppliers businesses.

However, if suppliers chose to use overseas labor, isn't that a sensible market based reaction? The message is simple, either US wages are artificially high, or output is too low? We live in a global businesses environment, and seeking advantages from foreign markets only helps optimize businesses products and services. Sheltering businesses from seeking the best possible business solutions is debilitating. ( note: certainly the production of sensitive products; food, defense contracting, etc, need to be somewhat protected, for obvious reasons) Addressing shortcomings takes discipline, but once accomplished it's empowering.

On community property taxes, fees, etc. Overall, in the long run, the municipalities tax everyone equally. Sure they are some short-term incentives, but they are negotiated at arms length, so "caveat taxer" (taxers be ware).

If a community spends a certain amount of dollars, the municipalities shouldn't care whether those dollars go to one business or ten businesses, since the tax revenues, over the long run, are the same.

Jobs...Wal-Mart hires locals to run it's franchises. Clearly, they bring new jobs, but it's not 100% percent additive. They will be competitive, and the weaker businesses, that customers abandon, will fold. True, jobs from those businesses will be lost. Hold that up against the number of new Wal-Mart jobs and you have the "net" positive impact Wal-Mart has on the local job market.

Lowering rents...well sure, Wal-Mart uses it's size to economize on square footage rental rates. But doesn't that drive down the market rates and bring businesses into the community? Plus, once they are in a community Wal-Mart is a sitting duck and rates can be increased on them, which reverts profits back to the local landlords.

On the flip side, Wal-Mart is an attraction, stimulating the residential housing market. This "attraction feature" brings new people, new housing, more taxable dollars, etc. Presumably the new residents bring their jobs, since Wal-Mart is not giving away it's products. Under higher housing demand/ rental rates, Wal-Mart can loses customers, if rental rates get too high and drive other community businesses away. Wal-Mart has little or no axe to grind on rental rates. Other than economies of scale, I believe they wield no unfair advantage.

Anti-Trust...the article speaks for the history fairly well. If anything we have the University of Chicago liberals to blame once again, but in this case I think they did reflect the larger consumers interest correctly...lower prices for all, carries the day.

I guess I can't see a real good argument that causes me to think Wal-Mart isn't good for our country overall. Yes, if you are a competitor business, or under their employ, you can be bitter about Wal-Mart. Also, Wal-Mart is not a charity and works in it's own shareholder's best interests. But once you look at the overall "net" impact of the good they bring ...lower prices, "net" new jobs, community "attraction", it appears this offsets the uniqueness that smaller businesses represent.

Lastly, I think Wal-Mart should be heralded for it's business model. No fancy, self serving overpaid executive management, or quid pro quo to suppliers, or accounting scandals, or pension fund problems. Naturally, when you get that big it is difficult to please everyone. But they are determined businessmen. They drive hard bargains with suppliers, they are tight on pay to employees, and don't roll over to the taxing authorities. However, since the benefits of these disciplines accrues to the customers, shareholders, and community, it's unclear as to how they are hurting America.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Beat it...yeah, Beat it 

No one likes a bad Michael Jackson joke. Apparently Amazon does not appreciate denigration of it's referral process either....I wonder if they'll press charges??

I don't do Michael Jackson jokes either, its so "piling on". But please, feel free to use these punchlines as you see fit -

1) - a duet with Elton John entitled, "don't let your sun go down on me".
2) - heard on the beach.."can you please get out of my sun".
3) - its time to leave when the big hand touches the little hand.

Red Letter Day 

Yesterday, I stayed at home with the kids. Well, not the whole day, just the afternoon, but believe me that was enough. In fact, as I look at the prospect of having more time to spend at home, I get scared. There is no way I could be at home with these two. The thought of it is the single greatest reason why I need to get a another job!

Yesterday, while other parents are reading their kids books, or spending time with them in a museum, I'm outside trying to make the biggest snowman ever. I failed. But not before I realized I couldn't lift the "body ball" onto of the "lower section ball". This snowman is just under 6ft. tall, and the second ball has to be over 125 lbs. There is no easy way to "use your legs" you just gotta grab it and use your back, at least to get it off the ground.

As I'm bent over struggling to raise the thing, I gasp "it's too heavy, I can't...". Bedlam is shouting, "come on Dad, put it up there, snows not heavy!"

After knocking a modest amount of snow off the sides, and lightening it up, I succeeded. OK, OK, so it wasn't the biggest snowman ever. But as I explained to Bedlam, snowmen taller than 6ft have to go home at night, so if you want to play with him tomorrow we need to make a smaller version. Thank god he believe that, since that whole "permit excuse" wasn't going anywhere.

I was proud of myself...and I'll stand up and take a bow right after my chiropractors appointment tomorrow at 7:30.

We also built a snowfort. Bedlam proclaimed, "I'm King of the island!!"

Monday, December 08, 2003

To Do's 

I really don’t have much to do these days. Work is light, real light, as in, I'm not even sure why I go in, except maybe for the lunches. It'll be that way for a couple more weeks, then I'll get laid off and have all the time in the world. Woo hoo!

Unfortunately, the quality of my blogging will remain shitty. Contrary to popular belief, time is NOT a function of good blogging. I don’t know what is, but that's another story.

The "to do's"... right. This gentleman is single-handedly keeping the blog world archives alive! Please enter the contest and dig up some really good reading, cuz' I got plenty of time on my hands. Plus, one of my favorite bloggers is doing something nutty like trying to advance her life. She's got some nerve.

Anyway, go here and get the details.

Snowy Weekend 

This ( shake it about) was sort of how I felt this weekend, at least at the beginning!! Points to Presurfer.

I had to succumb to the weather this weekend. Actually, it wasn't the storm that ruined our travel plans, it was the idiots in NYC who don't know how to maneuver their cars in the snow that did me in.

We ditched our plans to drive to Philadelphia, since it took 45 minutes just to get from Park Ave. to the Westside highway. I was disappointed, since I thought the wife would really enjoy the one day vacation from our normal night at home with the kids.

Since necessity is the mother of invention, we decided to stay in Manhattan for a night, and perhaps catch a movie or go to dinner. We would still get a night alone together and not have to put up with the idiots going 10mph when the road conditions allowed for 40mph. I know, it's the Buffalo coming out in me, but it's not like it NEVER snows down here!!

Anyway, we found a hotel room, which was a bit of a challenge - thank god for travel agents. Did you every notice how little patience you have for the person who desperately wants to get a room in fully booked hotel but can't, especially when they're the person in front of you and the only keeping you from getting to your room?

I made it up to her, we had a fabulous dinner here. Even though we had to walk 6 blocks in a blizzard, which didn't bother me one bit, it was worth it. I give it 5 snowflakes!

The next day we were home with the little ones. We spent the rest of the weekend out doors. A few sledging trips down the hills at the local golf course, some snowball wars, and an elaborate snowfort building/demolishing sequence kept everyone happy.

So, although I started out yielding to the snow storm, I ended up using it to my advantage!

....also, did you see this? Remember my wife's toes? Perhaps there is hope!!

Friday, December 05, 2003

Are we in Trouble? 

I fully support the efforts of the Army and Navy in the war of Iraq. But I can't help thinking, do we have the right guys over there?

Look at this. Both Army and Navy lost to Rutgers this year....RUTGERS!

The big game is this weekend, but it's hard to drum up any enthusiasm. I can't believe it....RUTGERS!

I feel like the father in Breaking Away when his son proudly takes back a car sold off the father's used car lot. The father, bedridden from a surgery, hears of his son's stupidity, a kin to betrayal, and has nightmares causing him to wake up yelling, "REFUND! REFUND!!"

That's how I feel... RUTGERS? RUTGERS??


..not the store, they're in my head. I'm now the proud owner of a pair of small metal staples courtesy of the nice Doctor at Greenwich Medical Hospital.

I was working from home yesterday, minding nobody's business, when I found myself rummaging around the basement. The need to move stuff around is actually a necessity since we only have a half basement, and half of that is finished. Thus, I am constantly rotating my storage contents based on seasonal needs...Easter, golf season, Fourth of July, Halloween, and of course Christmas. Anyway, I'm down there wrestling with the Christmas containers and, with a fair amount of force, whacked my head into the sharp metal edge of the heating duct.

Three hours later, the bleeding still not abating, I was off to the hospital...one hand on the wheel the other holding an ice pack on my head. I was hoping the remedy would be a small bandage, and to avoid getting my head shaved. The Doctor, who looked like an offensive linemen, confirmed, "oh, no need to shave the hair, that actually can foster more germs, since it will make micro-cuts in the scalp."

Thank god, right? Then he turned and said, "this is going to hurt, THIS IS GOING TO HURT". Like I didn't hear you the first time! He was holding a huge syringe, and probably to ensure I was taking him seriously, he fired a stream of novocaine at the ceiling , like some sort of warning shot. I took it like a man, I'm wasn't going to give him the satisfaction, bastard! After the shots straight into my skull, he popped in two staples. He then told me to come back in a week and he'll take them out. "How?" I wonder. "Oh, we have tool", he answered.

I have taken out lots of staples myself, and it usually requires a big metal claw that often leaves a mark on the paper.

I think I'm in for another shot.

PS it only hurts when I wiggle my ears.

Thursday, December 04, 2003


This show is a good example of bad parenting. The Paris bedroom tapes are one thing, but these two have no clue as to what is happening outside their expense account worlds. They are like two moron infants, when it comes to tackling the simplest of real life issues. Sadly, it makes for amusing TV. Rename it, "The Simpleton Life" - thanks.


yeh, but can they cook?

These are some Miss World contestants...which makes a lot more sense than the Miss Universe pagent, for obvious reasons.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Wedding Bells 

Congrats to Tiger on his engagement. This teaches you a good lesson, you can't trust anyone. I wonder what the pre nup will look like?

Also, read this writeup on the wedding....especially the part about Nicklaus' speech. It's beautiful.

Get Your Hillary Bashing Straight 

I like a good Hillary bashing as well as the next guy. I don't like her, or her politics. Plus, the fact she is my Senator is downright humiliating.

But this editorial about her recent trip to the middle east is simply too much. Dick Morris, who is just not a creditable political commentator anymore, is trying to find fault where there is none.

The senator told the troops that while "Americans are proud" of them, "many question the administration's policies." Being told that you might die in a war that is under attack by people back home must be a great stimulant to combat morale. How sensitive of her to have shared that particular message with men and women who must face death to execute these policies.

Hey Dick ~ our soldiers are not idiots, they're not oblivious to the differing opinions on Capital Hill and indeed across America. Hillary told the truth. I know it's a strange concept for you, but some people still do it (sometimes). Her mission was to assess the situation for herself, and show support for the troops, which she did. If she was over there spouting off that "we are all for the war" and then came home and flipped to "we are all against the war", that would be a reason for criticism.

I actually think it took guts for her to make the point that she is against the war while in Iraq. That probably cost her votes.

Yes, I think she is wrong about the war, so bash her for that. And I don't want to see a parade of other Demoracts running over there. But don't bash her for being honest, and don't underestimate the public's ability to separate out politics from patriotism.

Give Me a Break 

Did you read this??

Yes, we all knew the SEC wanted to have another go at Frank Quattrone. But honestly, wasn't once enough?

In my mind the Feds already won. There is no way in hell anyone on Wall Street will ever get confused on the actions one must take when presented with a subpoena. No one will take the Feds lightly again. We are all afraid of you (SEC), you're wonderful....now stop spending our tax dollars needlessly.

You overcame all odds, and with virtually no evidence came one vote (or one and half votes) away from the putting down the biggest dogs on Wall Street. There is no way Frank's lawyers, and Frank, will screw it up a second time. So please stop all the headline grabbing. Just chalk it up as a morale victory, and move on to tightening up your surveillance obligations to the mutual fund industry.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Mutual Fun 

Scandalous. Thats what lots of "outsiders" are saying about the whole Mutual Fund scare ( see today's story). Let me just clarify a few things:

1) Market timers. These are the guys, typically speculators or Hedge Fund managers that seek to invest in mutual funds for short periods in an effort to "time " the market's ups and downs to make profits. This is NOT illegal. Sure it is detrimental to the general performance of the fund, all things equal, but only because it makes it harder for managers to maintain peak performance.

Managers need to stay close to 100% invested in the market to optimize their returns (this has been statistically proven), and satisfying the constant in and out of timers requires high levels of univested cash. However, market timers are typically large investors that bring a lot of new money to the fund, and help reduce overall fund expenses. Also, part of the attraction to mutual funds is that they are liquid investments, much like direct investments in the stock market. Mutual funds have long been marketed as, "good as direct investments, only cheaper, since transaction costs are minimized by grouping market orders".

Mutual fund companies are challenged to balance the market timing positives and negatives. Typically they err on the side of conservatism and discourage timers by charging penalties for withdrawals for holdings of less than 30 days, sometimes longer. The rub comes when management of the Funds allows market timing for some clients, but not others, a la Invest Co. Although this hasn't been proven, they are up against some internal allegations that purport they favored certain clients in a quid pro quo arrangement. In another case, Strong Financial's CEO was allowed to move in and out periodically (within 3 months) even though these short term trades are "frowned " upon in the fund prospectus.

2) After-Market Trading. This IS illegal. It is when a purchase or sale of mutual funds transpires after the pricing deadline (typically 4pm local time), but the official pricing deadline price is used to value the trade. Basically, it is like extending the 4pm cut off, again, only for a few select investors. The whole thing started when Canary Warf a hedge fund was found to be allowed to obtain the 4pm closing price in trades with a few Mutual Fund houses; Alliance, Putnam, Pilgrim Baxter.

After market trading obviously provides an unfair advantage, since one can use after market information and the counterparties, those on the other side of the trade, are not offered that same information.

The thing I want to point out, which seems lost in all this, is the market's reaction. Nothing. Sure, funds are moving out of certain mutual fund's, those found negligent in policing their internal activities. Mainly, these moves are a function of pension funds making political statements as opposed to a reaction to systemic poor fund perfomance. The general feeling about Mutual Funds is that the vehicles are sound investments, witnessed by the markets reaching 18 month highs. This is a far cry from the reaction of the Japanese markets when their internal accounting process was questioned. Although it was a slightly different issue, it still pointed to the same problem: where is the internal integrity?

The big difference is that in the US there is a sound valuation, accounting and governance process. In Japan it was all a bunch of self serving rules that took little account of there shareholders needs or rights.

Congress is already trying to do the fence mending. But the reality is, the horses haven't left the stable, and they aren't about to. The self- policing process needs to be stronger, the SEC external reviews cannot continue to be simply a cursory review, and the offending firms need to be punished. But the principle of putting the investor first, and the firm second, is indeed alive and well - just ask the markets.

Golf News 

I just played my finest round of golf. I know it's December, but I'm a golf nut and a hearty soul.

My score...three under. Yep -3. Three below par.

I had 2 bridies and an eagle.

The bridies came on the Airplane and Car holes, while the birdie was on the totally unfair House hole!

I'm not sure, but I may just give Tiger a run for his money in the POY award.

( that's Putter Of the Year award!!)

2's day 

I usually post at night while everyone is asleep, at least at my house. It's sort of like my mental exercise time. I have always been a night person. Normally, at least for the past 20 years, I used the nighttime to run through the various issues I am facing at work. I would "think" through the presentation I had to do, or the report I was preparing, or a new product or client issue.

Well, now that I blog instead of playing mental chess, I have found this schedule doesn't work. By the time I'm set to blog most of the news items have been picked over, the celebrity gaffs are beaten down, and even the human interest stories have been plucked. So, I decided to change things up, and blog first thing in the morning.

As I was set to hit the publish button on this story, I got distracted and read IMAO and a few other blogs. Damn if he didn't post on the same illogical definition!

..OK, no one reads the NY Post, so that's safe.

This article seemed rationale enough. It was simply a story about the continuing tragedy of the WTC bombings, right? After all, even firefighters get divorced. However, as I thought about it more I began feeling that, once again, the NYC Firemen got, well, hosed. Just like during 9/11 when they got sent into the twin towers with faulty radio equipment, they have been asked to perform counseling without the proper qualifications. Lending a strong shoulder is one thing, but being asked to fix someone's emotional and mental scars is quite another.

I think this article makes it clear that NYFD management didn't heed the warnings and, this time, they did it to themselves.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Hoaxest with the Mostest 

I thought we were about to lose another one. After all, studies show about 1.7million blogs will get abandoned this year. Thankfully, disaster was averted. OK, perhaps not a natural disaster, but I would have had to figure out how to replace my 2 or 3 minutes of humorous reading each day. And, well, I'm lazy.

It's a good thing he came to his senses. Look at this guy. It's sad to see the Spammers weaving their way through his work like worms through soil looking for nourishment. Someone should do something, like now, thank you.

Even she couldn't leave cold turkey. Not to say she doesn't have will power or deserve to follow other pursuits, but by leaving she's drifting away from her own character.

As a Capitalist, (remember her greeting: "Hi. I'm a 31 yr old gun toting Capitalist"...or words to that affect) she's bound by the laws of supply and demand, survival of the fittest and to the victor goes the spoils. Actually, she is really only obligated to show good form in the pursuit of financial reward, but that means never ever ever giving up your competitive advantage.

Adam Smith would role over in his grave if he knew she was frittering away a 3,000 visitor a day site. A captive, intelligent, sophisticated, morally responsible, brave (did I say smart?) audience willing to spend money, or better yet waste their employers money by ignoring their jobs, is worth something.

Yes, she will need to return and capitalize on her hard earned fortune, and live up to her own characterization. Obviously, we will welcome her back, unless she has gotten her head full of crazy ideas, as college grad's high on fumes from their freshly sheered sheepskins do, and become, dare I say a liberal.

Then naturally we would expect her to flush all the value and goodness from her efforts. She will probably join a liberal clique whose aim is to "cleanup the blogoshpere", using taxpayer's money.

So, I'm glad no one is leaving today.

Note: this is not a submission for this contest. I just got on a roll, and it came out.

Holiday Spirit 

Here's an easy way to give, during the holiday season...use other people's money!!

Go here and vote for your favorite NFL football team (i.e. BUFFALO BILLS). Campbells Soup will donate a can of soup to the needy for every vote.

After voting, results are displayed.....make your team #1! MMMMM..tomato!

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